HTC Evo 3D's processor

According to recent benchmarks,The 3D Sprint phone is to beat everyone else on the market.

3D Ages Qualcomm MSM8660 chip is CDM, which uses the latest dual-core processor. The chip can clock to 1.5 GHz, which is faster than any other mobile devices available today.

We have heard a lot about the properties of 3D Age Sprint at CTIA last month. The company is trying to show that users realize that not only mobile 3D very well, it was a great phone. Period.

Qualcomm is significant progress in furthering the development of mobile technology this year. Besides the introduction of dual-core chips, the company says that the optimization of the mobile gaming technology to strong so you can be the power of PS3 games on your smartphone at the end.

3D Ages is on top now, but because of the speed with which technology is growing, and should last long.