Midori is coming : Forget Windows

Windows is a name since its launch in November 1985 established the world PCs.After is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
More advanced version of Windows available today that Windows XP, Windows Vista operating system is used worldwide. In 2010, Microsoft Windows 2007 launch, but the operating system is now the time to experiment with technique.
Yes, Microsoft cloud OS operating system known as working on a new generation, and rumor has it that the first operating system, Midori to replace Windows completely with a computer board.
What is the difference
Midori, Microsoft Research, Singularity operating system is a branch. Tools and libraries are completely managed code. Midori local hardware (one x64 x86 and ARM) designed to run directly on Windows Hyper V - hypervisor or hosted by a Windows process will be collected.

The main idea behind Midori operating system is a lightweight and portable that can easily be done with a wide range of applications for development are shared.
Importance of Midori
Knowing the importance of Midori in your care, how that should be loaded on a computer operating system. Originally located on a physical hard disk drive operating system. The operating system is strongly correlated with the material. Because Windows is dependent on the material you are working, looking for resistance to the current method because people use different tools for information is very low.
Due to various applications on a single computer with a different set of coordination problems occur when the machine needs to do better. The idea of ​​computing with the new system will solve these problems. Important issues, to meet unexpected demands, drivers and plug-ins and many security dialogue among the other errors will be resolved.
Eric wheels, senior vice president of technical strategy
Microsoft is the fact that the company plans to Eric wheels, former head of Microsoft server and tools business and a key member of company president, Bill Gates, chosen by him understand the importance of management.
When you start
Just wait and see. Microsoft Midori no specific date for the beginning, but there are rumors that the project is incubating.