Vulture - Unmanned Aircraft

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. working class on unmanned aircraft that can stay on the air for 5 years at a time to develop. One of the newest inventions in the world.

DARPA officials concluded that this aircraft will be known for its persistent pseudo-satellite capability as a vulture. This means that no aircraft capable of a range of communication and analysis for the years fly at once.

The biggest obstacles in the project:

Although this project is attractive to many of you, but there are some serious problems, or it can be said of the obstacles to the achievement of this project.

1) The first challenge for the designers it is a form of power of this device to be found during long missions.

2) Another problem is that this aircraft 1000 pounds (450 kg) payload to an altitude winds to bring 60000-90000 meters.

3) designers must also solve problems associated with the deterioration of materials during their long exposure to stratospheric flight.
In addition, there may be many problems in the design of aircraft.

Daniel Newman: The man behind the vulture

Daniel Newman is project this ambitious project of NASA. In his words: ".. We want to completely change the paradigm of thinking of the aircraft perfect record - we never leave you, let us try to break the record." It seems that it was time to leave the traditional "start - recovery - -. Launch keep the cycle of planes"

The concept behind the vulture:

It basically works the same plane as the satellite, but the main difference is that they are not regulated by orbital mechanics. You can Vulture pseudo-satellites, which tell in the stratosphere and not low-Earth orbit. This is a 65 dB improvement of communication skills and increase onboard sensor resolution.