Volvo's new concept car

Battery technology for electric vehicles is limited to recent growth, they usually use one of the biggest obstacles are. Although it is apparent that a good solution for electric cars, a Volvo for a number of investigations - the internal combustion engine, the hybrid electric vehicles, which will increase the scope of their activities is. Swedish Energy Agency and the European Union plans to live in three different internal combustion engine, electric / internal is tested.

Two Volvo C30, V60 Volvo, and the third is based on hybrid and plug the power setting - in a Volvo, he said "1,000 kilometers (621 miles) the vehicle is a vehicle to promote a range of three concepts.

Supply C30, Volvo's growth:
Vision, three 60-cylinder (45 kW) internal combustion engine of floor products, watches, electronics, power 40 kW with the C30 engine, the bus 111 (82 KB W.) to be installed to connect , a first generator of electric motors, batteries, reducing the internal combustion drive - engine capacity and 40 - liter tank can choose to receive room. The car is only 110 kilometers (68 miles) apart.

Volvo C30 is in parallel:
The most powerful 190 turbo engine (142 kW), three cylinders - C30 HP power back first, with a view of the engine, often with six-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels when driving in rural areas. 40 kW generator to recharge the battery unit 111 may be the only HP (82 kW) is a concept of an internal combustion engine 300 HP (224 kW) and a speed of 000-100 km / HR is consolidated. (62 miles) of electric car in less than six seconds, the keyboard 75 kilometers (47 miles).

Volvo V60 continues in parallel:

Driver package is installed in the lid, 111 (80 kW) engine power, three-cylinder - turbo engine and accessories, petrol, 190 (140 kW) and HP two-speed automatic transmission, power transmission and generators for internal combustion front as battery production engine with 40 kW 50 KM / H (31 miles) with a wheeled vehicle speed will only increase. Internal combustion engine to charge batteries, less weight to historical levels. Rear battery under load at 50 range with 45 liter is slightly larger than the other km (31 mi).

Ipod with a audio boost by mophie

When the iPod touch, 4 G, known for playing features, but the tactile feedback that does not support the growth of mobile gaming. CES 2011 mophie to change it was published. IPod touch case, which is used for touch-screen technology, so I have to live on is the touch of noise and vibration in the game.

Mobile gaming devices, artificial muscles, twist my firm behind the company, lived with "a box - all the thrills of" use. Who want to experience the real pulse of the current proposal is different vibrations. For example, mobile games Pinball machine and run a large explosion and a different twist to the feeling that "it is a heavy piece of paper."

Visual effects - sounds that do not play this game mophie adapting pulse. I live in API calls, see the game developers who want the best technology. Pulse stereo speakers, but the extra buttons, iPod, portable game console can do to convert.

Electro-active polymers (PEA) touch technology with the 50-300 Hz frequency response of 5 milliseconds is a live, delayed reactions can be made practical sense. This is the technology of artificial muscles is associated with response to call for less than the energy it needs.

Mophie iPod touch cases, the intestine, where "later this year," be it "the first commercial application, said:" I lived as a technology company. Without support from the iphone, criticism, or other device, or a version of the product already exists.

HTC Evo 3D's processor

According to recent benchmarks,The 3D Sprint phone is to beat everyone else on the market.

3D Ages Qualcomm MSM8660 chip is CDM, which uses the latest dual-core processor. The chip can clock to 1.5 GHz, which is faster than any other mobile devices available today.

We have heard a lot about the properties of 3D Age Sprint at CTIA last month. The company is trying to show that users realize that not only mobile 3D very well, it was a great phone. Period.

Qualcomm is significant progress in furthering the development of mobile technology this year. Besides the introduction of dual-core chips, the company says that the optimization of the mobile gaming technology to strong so you can be the power of PS3 games on your smartphone at the end.

3D Ages is on top now, but because of the speed with which technology is growing, and should last long.

Aston Martin's new concept cell phone

Aston Martin today unveiled its own concept of mobile phone brand called CTP002. While most would expect from a mobile phone, the first at a conference of electronics, the Aston Martin. In fact, Aston launch of its new phone in the world of Basel, a watch and jewelry show in Switzerland. Given the design of the phone to understand what type of your choice. Yes, the concept of telephone Aston transparent when not in use.

In addition to meeting all of your mobile phone is the new cell is also a move to Aston, and can be connected to the display of the car via Bluetooth. Cells Aston Martin is working with the square of your current situation and show your friends directly on the screen for GPS car navigation.
The camera phone can be configured to update their Facebook and Twitter, while the bill for moving images of the cities that pass / benchmarks.

Aston Martin went on his cell phone, and integrated security systems in the car. The air bags received the information in case of accident, the accelerometer of the phone. This will allow safer use in conjunction with the strengthening of appropriate seat belt.
Aston Martin new phone is based on a solid sapphire crystal see through a capacitive touch screen, while the two sides are made of platinum. including its battery, electronics and the SIM card.

Aston Martin has not revealed the price for the new phone.

Top PC,Xbox 360,PS3 Games for 2011

1. Dirt 3

Dirt Session 3 video game and third in the series, Colin McRae Dirt Rally series, developed and published by Codemasters. In Europe and North America, Published 24 May 2011, and two days later in Australia for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.Yaponskaya Dirt version 3 Release 25 August 2011.
The main mode sees players earn reputation points in several events to get sponsors to provide them with an interest in new vehicles. Memories return Dirt 2, using up to five times on any difficulty, but the point cost of the call in order ispolzovanii.Novy Gymkhana players in the obstacle course, to encourage them to various tricks to gain points. Appears in various areas is to play in events such as the destruction of the objects are made of wood to spread the zombie infection, and Capture the Flag. Other new features include Hardcore mode, which limits the players with regard to the cab without assistance, to reproduce the rain and snow, and the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube.Gamesradar gave 9/10.

2. The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a third-person role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 are developed by CD Projekt Red Polish study.

The Witcher 2: Kings of murderers and the story contains a number of ways, the number of delay. As the first game, players control witch Geralt Riviera, one of the few who remained. Warlocks have been genetically enhanced humans, and at a young age are trained to fight demons.IGN gave a score 9/10.

3. Portal 2

Portal 2 is a puzzle platform with a first-person video developed by Valve Corporation. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS , while the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and retail Windows/OS distributed by Electronic Arts.
Appear in person at the entrance to the puzzle game. One player cooperative campaign and two Atlas of the robot and the P - Organization for the campaign, one of the players Chel. The age of your move, you can watch and interact with the environment. With the nature of the damage for a short period of time, but the damage will not die. No high-speed landing on hard surfaces punishment, but the liquid located at the bottom of the pool of poison, or you can immediately kill players. You one for the player of the game the main character dies, the latter at the checkpoints the game is to return, the game in collaboration with the robot puzzle without restarting the short time, showing the campaign's goal of installing Through the character is to launch Aperture Science. Input and output "test chamber" in a game set in the most clearly defined, and in less obvious targets for different parts of the region that occurs behind the scenes while.IGN gave a score 9/10.

4. Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2 is a computer game strategy developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega.Shogun real-time tactical game, war is an important element in the chain is a combination of turn-based strategy for them. The player takes control of real-time player against the military, war, ranging from rural roads and a general failure to turn-based role to play in a clan leader.
Campaign, the player development, military production needs for growth and development of technology to check. Organizational units of the armies and wars and all other groups of players to complete the campaign has moved on a stylized map. In addition to combat, the player is able to participate in practice, diplomatic, political and special factors to get an advantage. Ninja and Geisha are available in the game and assassins and spies.gamesradar score 9/10.

5. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin: Brothers historic third person action stealth adventure game from Ubisoft for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft has developed.Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the third person adventure sandbox style of play to open the world of Italy. As in previous payments, the basic mechanics of the game based on the movement of parkour, mixing stealth crowd, killing and melee combat system. The combat system, some improvements in the first game in the series offers a multiplayer mode, play solo with 40 + hours.
The game presents a new control system: the player can attract new members from the destruction of one of twelve "Borgia Towers" that the Papal army was located, and rescue of people unhappy in their provinces of a prosecution guards. The player, as Ezio and then send instructions to the whole of Europe, or call their support during the mission (although they have not employed). Killers tasks to gain experience and makes the young player can face, their presentation skills and training with weapons to some extent, spending skill points they have earned. Killers may die from the mission, they do not return. New gadgets Ezio masters as Leonardo da Vinci parachute, which can be used when jumping from tall buildings and poisoned darts, faster acting, archery poison, and the ability to keep more heavy weapons and axes.IGN gave a score 8.5/10.

6. Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is a game first-person shooter developed by Crytek video, published by Electronic Arts and released in North America, Australia and Europe in March 2011for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.
Crysis 2 and three years later, an alien epidemic, because the blank is made in a devastated New York City, after the first set of events, takes place in 2023. Sports environmental disasters and a major disease, new films, "Manhattan virus," a terrible disease that causes the cell begins to fail. Meaning of civil unrest and panic, CEPH, racing wide as a beach behind Crysis in many cases, foreign, are starting to invade. Due to the deterioration of social order in New York City, Manhattan is under martial law, and the U.S. Defense Department, local players and logistics contract Crynet Application ("Cell"), a private military company to run the company Crynet police to chaos.
Crysis 2 is a First Person Shooter. Marine Force Recon as a role player at Alcatraz. Like its predecessor, offers the freedom to customize your weapons and abilities. Crytek (Far Cry and Crysis, as it was) to avoid another game that takes place in a jungle environment requires real, the City of New York, an "urban forest" was called. Offers new options for improvement and plan attacks against the urban environment. Players sites and buildings, and is able to navigate a city destroyed.IGN gave a score 8.5/10.

World's biggest HD video board

NASCAR fans in high-definition treatment on the track this year for Charlotte Motor Concord, North Carolina, where the construction of giant 200-feet wide 80 meters on the display. Considered the world of high definition video card, design weighs 332.5 tons (665,000 lbs) and contains more than 9 million LEDs as the switch to the race in May

Designed by Panasonic - the company no stranger to life on the big screen - above the line graphics start / goal between the wheels 2 and 3 with the upper edge extends to 110 meters above the ground.

Replays, and update of the classification of interactive entertainment will appear in HD (720p).

Construction crew truck 18,000 cubic meters of debris and 3,000 cubic meters of concrete and 500,000 pounds less than steel produced by the Council of 50 meters long concrete piles drilled into the foundation.The monitor was performed for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star race May 21 and Coca-Cola 600 May 29, 2011.

Multi-Touch with the Touchspace's 47-inch coffee table

We see a large multi-touch and shows the medical use of tables, but now you can begin to see things that you need a break. With a 1:47-inch display, the company uses the Multi - Touch Touch Table angle patented technology delivers 1080p high-definition touch-screen multi-touch interactivity to a good year for corporate presentation, the students / teachers learning together and sharing application or a collection of photos, videos, or play.

Living room table is an elegant acrylic CNC machining high-density core is 3.4 GHz quad-core one, to give the necessary powers to the power of 4 GB of memory with the system. 180 GB of storage, Bluetooth, wireless networking, USB and Ethernet, as well as 3G options are also available. 47-inch large LCD screen to replace the benefits of the area from scratch, clean the top, make coffee, or do not care, they are more than capacitive or resistive touch screen overflow Cup ring.

Use the touch screen monitor and a vision that includes a cooling faster than the 8-bit touch-screen technology, which is the frustration building, which is said to maintain several thousand points per second, interaction with full control of the microprocessor records. In 51 × 35 × 19 inch (1300 x 900 x 500 mm) 132 lbs (60 kg), multi-touch touch-angle table is the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight by subject condition and self-control, to maintain operation of an eye, you need automated management updates, and to ensure that the system continues.

Table can be configured from the standard input device Microsoft WM-touch in Windows 7 multi-touch, but also the power of a framework can provide a complete three-dimensional environment of sushi, all the hidden features of Windows users. Touch the corner is its multi-touch table applications.Touchscape to develop the SDK is available in standard configuration, but the team can create customized versions to suit individual needs. Interested readers contact the contact angle of the price.

Insect-HECTOR walking robot

We supply the ornament to tempt you to move animals to understand Hexapoda possitive "We and Sem (CITEC) on average, Bielefeld University Researchers dolor sit amet named Hector (Hexapoda This is your first autonomously). About CITEC interdisciplinary Mulero the east of the arc, pain and Around the universe and in the various dicasteries morphology sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

In two parts of the body, six legs, each of the three articles of the articles of the eighteenth relation to you, Hector, if the new content with the work of living which gave you your thoughts, but to please. Each sensor full of some electronic government, which will add 18 feet and inspired algorithms process the birds of the biologically sensor used to control the articles you are accustomed to the hilt. When are you having at the rattling of the interactions Auto will give good fortune to meet Hector.

P in the form of an animal, and yet the light of very sturdy plastic exoskeleton HECTOR Supplementum the fibers (CFRP), which are the body column at the end of the hearing of the weight of the robots here, but some carry the off-OVERLOAD 13 - 12 KG (26.45 pounds) Total weight of one meter (3 meter , 28) much less robotic monster millimeter (0.04 in) with 30 KG (66 words) and burdens can lead.

Blockquote: A different departments and you are natural to the terms of the nature of which is more here who can take you to deactivate sensor covers special alloys. As close - Room detected directional yard for a long time the whole range of touch can connected to the exploration of their environment easily.

Controls in the same mind the purpose of an animal HECTOR they divide the parts of the brain, especially those of great ideas here mourning our site available by! No sense of movement.

And to be able to say I know the counsel of labor for your order to use the Add to seek and to Hector, arched to the active manager.

But in the light and simple cognitive Acts, it is only in the body, but about the authority of the most common beginning adipiscing elit increase of animals is noted for Robotics perfect reply.

East Hector bugs - which came and inspired Sri EPFL arohana funnel wall - inspired conjoins the forest is common, Yea, The Nativity. Basic HTML apparent from the forms of animals for many bugs, robots here most of the major part of them quote I replied to the form of bets.

First MeeGo-based all-screen smartphone.

N9 Nokia launches first phone with the operating system for mobile MeeGo has a button on the front curve of polycarbonate and 3.9-inch AMOLED WVGA (854x480) screen, Home button is replaced by gestures, take the lead. to return to the home screen from any menu N9 Cortex A8-1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM, GPU - PowerVR SGX530 for graphics, it comes with a 64GB or 16GB of internal memory.

applications and the evolution of these activities, the first three users to start and organize a program on the other, allowing them to check missed calls, e-mail, text message update. social networks, etc., and third. Lists all applications that work with the most recent at the top.

Everything is controlled by touch alone, including the swipe gesture.

Polycarbonate body and the increased use of sound quality, according to Nokia.

8 megapixel autofocus has a sensor, Ca rl Zeiss with dual LED flash and HD (720p) video recording capabilities. GPS is also a committee to facilitate the free Nokia Maps based on the path of power and navigation system for pedestrians, a new and improved version of the application of the commitment. There is a new WebKit - Browser-2 technology, extensive support for HTML 5 "Penta connection include WCDMA, Quad - band GSM / EDGE, HSDPA and HSUPA, Bluetooth 2.1, supports WiFi 802.11 b/g/n NFC.

Nokia N9 appear in stores this year, in addition to the price published on the subject will be offered in three colors: purple and blue .. Gorilla Black AMOLED display, scratch-resistant glass has been covered.

It seems that the Nokia project MeeGo, however, despite the signing of an agreement with Microsoft N9 success. But much depends on the introduction of a smart phone or tablet -. MeeGo for something that may or may not occur.

Top gadgets to look forward to in 2011

 1. BlackBerry Playbook
BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has seemed a little lost in recent years, not knowing whether to continue with the style that has always served or touch screens covering completely. The dilemma is always on their phones, but there is no doubt in the center of the Playbook tablet.
An entirely new operating system, a powerful processor double heart, all the usual BlackBerry business features and, above all, a real focus for a third dedicated to developers.
The Playbook is now looking for beautiful, intelligent and easy to use. With a working system of checks carefully designed and advanced specifications, we can look at a major competition for the iPad.

2. Nintendo 3DS
If 2010 was not all on stage, it was in 3D. We have seen enormous pressure on 3D TV, but some people are not on board the need to use glasses.
So while everyone is facing the same problem as Nintendo launched its first 3D console, Virtual Boy, 3DS is ready for a drink without the third dimension (not the usual real of course.
Like 3D games simple and practical was not enough, Nintendo 3DS, and make sure that does not suffer the same lack of third party titles for the Wii console has had (and has the N64 and Gamecube, now that I mention ). Some of the biggest names in the game is already on board, including Metal Gear Solid and see two great games of Resident Evil.

3. LG Star
Powerful chipset Nvidia Tegra 2 has finally found its way into a phone, and a deep well. LG processor star not only has the potential to be able to drink, but leave to mourn mobile processors silence in his poor performance. In the early benchmark report before a season best Android phone to date results.
Add to that the probable introduction of the shiny new operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a megapixel camera eight years, the video recording in 1080 a four-inch screen and an HDMI output and S Nexus from his throne as Android King, before he felt comfortable.

4. iPad 2
Well, the iPad has two here? It is not official yet, but the old "smoke of the fire =" adage certainly applies when it comes to many today have heard rumors of an updated iPad.
Some of these rumors are more likely than others, but we're sure you can expect to see a camera and support FaceTime, a gyroscope to match the iPhone's processor 4 (or possibly dual-core), and probably a sleek new design.
Given how good the current IPAD, we believe that a small amount of demand for the updated version.

5. Chrome OS notebook
For those who rant on the tables and cling desperately to their keyboards, it is the promise of a selection of laptops Google Chrome OS next year welcome.
In addition to offering an alternative to Windows and Mac OS X with a recognized brand, should boost the acceptance of operating systems and instant cloud ignition as a standard practice for computers.
CR-48 prototype that is there now a little bored, he goes, but we can not wait to see what the renowned manufacturers can do.

6. Motorola Android 3.0 Tablet
Android Andy Rubin showed a piece of Motorola, made a run at the start of construction on Android 3.0 Honeycomb D: Dive into the conference Mobile. And it looks great.
E-APP has shown some signs seemed sure to take the line as the Apple iPhone operating system that runs on the iPhone - and are happy. Tablets with ease and style of the IOS with the options and the power of Android?
Too good to be true, right? We will see in 2011.

7. PSP phone
Since the iPhone is capable of game graphics up to Infinity Blade, players must be drooling at the thought of adding existing buttons. Apparently, someone at Sony has finally the same idea.
PSP Phone appears certain to be released soon, and that the name of Zeus Z1. Although we were a bit nervous about the possibility of individual trackpad instead of the analog sticks, fans of Sony console and portable players like both willing to put their hands on it.

8. New HP / Palm
Palm Pre 2 was a bit disappointing. He showed good internal specifications in progress, but the design and screen two seem a bit behind the best smart phones today.
WebOS, however, is brilliant. His brilliant handling and easy to perform multiple tasks has the potential to beat everything else out of the park, you just need the right equipment to do so.
Jon Rubinstein confirmed that several new devices on the road, including a shelf. HP takes care of data storage hardware to suspect that something very special could be in sight.

9. ElectroHub wireless chargers
As we have seen the concept of wireless cargo before - that is, Powermat - but ElectroHub have a better way of doing things. Put simply replacing the battery ElectroHub of its units and work in the carpet.
"Aja" you think. "But my gadget has a non-replaceable battery." Well, then you need some kind of case work. A bit like Powermat. But again, there is a better idea to get your team with ease, and the price seems very reasonable.

10. iPhone5
Well, not all iPhone users set the iPhone to 5? Although the exact date of launch, the specifications and even the form factor is still the subject of speculation (we'll see once the specifications, 3G-style, or another complete overhaul?) And no no specific data, we still disappointed to see Apple iPhone. Antennagate one hand, it is.

5 Best Gadgets 2011

1. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - PSP phone for Men
Gingerbread based on Android 2.3, the houses are at least Xperia 50 games, including Guitar Hero, Assassins Creed, Dead Space, Star Battalion, FIFA, asphalt, Reckless Racing, and so on. Additionally, some games are guaranteed to make other phone in the Xperia game. It also supports Wi-Fi multiplayer. Other features: 4.0-inch 480 × 854 touchscreen FWVGA, Scorpion ARM processor 1 GHz V7, Sony Ericsson's customizable home screen to "build a better quality than the PSP Go," glides with DualShock controller touchpad sticks instead of mechanical cam, 5 megapixel camera that takes pictures pretty impressive, etc. This is a blow to the CMM that the combination of two popular brands: Android (currently the second largest in the world of mobile OS) and PlayStation (the world's best selling video game console).

2. iPad 2 - Most Wanted Men Gadgets
One of the most anticipated gadget of 2011 is without doubt the iPhone 2nd And I know that iPhone 2 will be available with several important new features such as shell design thinner and lighter, the Flash update, two cameras, and access to USB ports, etc. Now they say that the two units will be available IPAD March 2011 . I can not wait for this?

3. Facebook Phone - One Touch to Facebook
Are you a fan of Facebook? Want to spend much time chatting on Facebook? If so, check out the new HTC mobile phones specially designed for lovers - Salsa ChaCha HTC. The two Android phones both come from a dedicated button that Facebook is trying to facilitate interaction with the social network. Not only the best gadgets for children, but also the perfect gadget for girls.

4. LG 3D Optimus - without glasses 3D display and camera
This week, LG announced its 3D Optimus smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 3D Optimus sports a dual lens 3D camera, an LCD screen without glasses, I OMAP4 1 GHz dual-core and HDMI / DLNA sharing of 3D in September. But there was a price or details box below. However, there is a rumor that this smartphone will be released April 25 and in 3D at a price of £ 514.99 (which is around Rs 38,000). In addition, another popular product, the LG dual-core 3D Optimus Pad.

5. HTC Flyer - pills outstanding potential
It is a fact that 2011 is the year of the tablets. In addition, Optimus Pad LG, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 HTC has announced its first Tablet - HTC Flyer. Snapdragon processor, 1.5 GHz, 7-inch 1024 × 600, 32GB, 5MP, 1470 hours standby and 4 hours of video playback.

First hydraulic hybrid school bus in U.S to run on recycled cooking oil

The first U.S. school buses could be running environmentally friendly vehicle recycling, bio-fuels that are ready to promote Road Atlanta, Georgia.
The company is funded projects, in collaboration with the Ford Motor Schools in Atlanta. Georgia Institute of Technology, America's top ten public universities, has developed a bus, and the Atlanta public school district donates 16 passenger bus project.

"Eco Green School Bus" school bus into a traditional hydraulic hybrid vehicles that run fuels, such as recycling used cooking oil.

Hybrid vehicles use hydraulic pressure fluid, other energy sources. It uses a pump or motor that uses the power and braking. The pressure of the fluid power pump and motor processes.

Designers bus' and the developer, Georgia Tech Professor Michael Leamy, and students seeking a school bus for other changes that hydraulic hybrids, which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduced transportation costs in schools.
The team also conducted a large-scale change in cost-benefit analysis of school bus fleet of hydraulic hybrid drive to restore lost braking power.
"We hope our research will lead to cleaner, more efficient school bus to school districts, the Atlanta Public Schools to significantly reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions," says Professor Leamy.
But the biggest beneficiaries of the project, the community college in Atlanta, do not feel comfortable and wait for its eco-bus. Mary Lin Elementary School students who organized a campaign to collect used cooking oil for processing biodiesel buses. They took a full overview of the green bus.
"Our students want to learn new ways to care for the environment. Eco Green School Bus turns out to be a theoretical concept to finish off a fun and exciting way to encourage learning," said Mary Lin, Brian Mitchell.
In the meantime, Ford got 50 thousand dollars to finance projects in the challenge to Ford Community College, Ford, or C3. This program includes 32 partner universities and colleges, student-led project to create a specific social problems.

The five selected projects each year, and $ 50 000 each. Previous winners include Ford C3 energy project called Generation of Energy Technology at the University of Michigan students in 2009. Low-income seniors in a home studio during the winter and the project has won the hand in hand with energy efficiency projects, such as bike-sharing and the energy efficiency of residential use of information technology.
Ford is working on projects for energy efficiency to other universities. Erb Enterprise in collaboration with SEI Global Finance Model of the poorest cities in Michigan to help improve facilities and reduce energy consumption and costs.
Promise City to finance energy imrothlacha $ 50,000 Ford Motor Co. Fund, which awards grants to Ford C3.

Honda's Futuristic motorcycle concept

Honda's Futuristic motorcycle concept

It is a great idea. A known concept, Honda, lightweight chassis design, the curve well into the future laid out in a linear manner, not to mention the impact on Sci - Fi literature, age 80 to see the action. Bio-punk of today, in the manga.

Shows large-format effective helicopter with long front legs and feet position. But what tickles our brains, compared with the green side of the modern system. The bike has two small but powerful engine, electricity charges, which reduces stress on the gravity. This will allow better control ride on the course with better performance.

World's lightest solid material

The researchers created a new Aerogel has incredible strength and an incredible finish. Nicknamed "frozen smoke" because of its transparent appearance, Aerogels from materials of a gel that would replace the liquid part of the gel to a gas, producing a material known as the lightest solid material in the world. The new so-called "multi-Aerogel carbon nanotubes (MCNT)" can be used in sensors to detect pollutants and toxic substances, chemical reactors, and electronic components.

Although it was Aerogel silica, metal oxides, polymers and materials based on coal and used as windows and insulation of buildings, tennis rackets, sponge to clean spills of petroleum and other products, some researchers Aerogel carbon nanotubes.

The researchers were able to succeed where so many others before them had wet ice with a well-dispersed MWCNTs untouched. After the liquid part of MWCNTs crushed ice, you could make the lightest never independent MWCNTs Aerogel monolith with a density of 4 mg/cm3.

MWCNTs aerogels impregnated with a flexible plastic material, like a spring that stretches for thousands of times, and nanotubes in a bucket with a grain has been opened and placed at the side and in the end, the three soccer fields carpet. The MWCNTs Aerogel is a good conductor of electricity, making them ideal for screening applications and offers great potential for use in electronic components.

A report that describes the process as Aerogel MWCNTs and testing to determine its properties are displayed in ACS Nano.

The New Ultrathin microscope gets images faster

With conventional microscopy, a scientist who wants to have a high resolution in a relatively large area, often using a microscope to examine the area around the net, recording images of a point in time. When the images together in one image. Both the time to explore the system, both under the microscope and must be considered when making it. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision German engineering, has a fine hand microscopes that can report the same to obtain quality images in less than a second.

As with the scanning microscope, which combines the image when it is completed.

The new microscope imaging system with three windows, one above the other like stacked pancakes. Each page with an array of lens, both small and low head. At the top, a line of very small lenses with both its counterpart on the other side of the screen, and other objects that occupy the same room on other pages. So microscopic details and a small stack of six lenses, the image of two achromatic lenses. The battery of the lens in the channel, and the images produced by various digital channels which are connected together, side by side and top to bottom to create a complete picture.

Since only 5.3 mm optical microscope that can maintain a very flat profile.

The goal of scientists began to cover a glass with photographic emulsion resistant cover with a mask pattern in the matrix of the lens, then exposed to light in the ultraviolet. Emulsions exposed to intense sunlight, while the emulsion is protected by a mask when cleaning is a particular solution. This provides a range of small cylinders that are heated. This makes them part of the cast and the form of spherical lenses. The lens is used to create a cover for death, which in turn can be used for mass production - layers of glass with a translucent liquid polymer, the die is pressed into the lens of the eye, the polymer used in the target, then hardened by ultraviolet light.

Microscope is still in prototype, and probably not many years ago, at least one or two products. Then you can use to evaluate suspicious skin spots, verify the authenticity of documents and different applications. Now you can take pictures of objects the size of a matchbox, a passport.

Eyez video camera sunglasses shoot 720p.!!

ZionEyez a Seattle company on the market, Ray Ban sunglasses with a small camera that can record video in the first person to 720p. There are 8 gigabytes of flash memory inside the chassis, a micro-USB port for charging and transferring data to a PC via Bluetooth and can also communicate Eyesz. If only Don Johnson had a pair ... The drug lords in Miami had no chance.

View all
The camera in the upper right pane, the details inside the nest is located in a loop. Page OmniVision (which also makes cameras for Apple iPhone and iPhone), 720P records at 30 frames per second and has a fixed wide angle lens wide.

A microphone mounted in the glass and the sound quality on a single piece of MP3 128kb / s in H.264 encoded video.

Use Eyez glasses can be wirelessly via 802.11n WiFi to stream video from IOS forums or social networks will be transferred to the device. 350mAh Li-ion battery provides enough water for three hours to register and activate them, simply power on the sensor arm to touch glasses.

A set of clear goals and are replaceable, the slope of the light conditions. Are shade lenses 100% UVA / UVB. The lenses can also be taken as needed.

Looking through a small screen.

Discount ZionEyez offers $ 50 for pre-orders for winter 2011 delivery. Introductory price is US199.

Like the concept, but not the style? Maybe Lady Gaga Polaroid brand as something more than you.