Aston Martin's new concept cell phone

Aston Martin today unveiled its own concept of mobile phone brand called CTP002. While most would expect from a mobile phone, the first at a conference of electronics, the Aston Martin. In fact, Aston launch of its new phone in the world of Basel, a watch and jewelry show in Switzerland. Given the design of the phone to understand what type of your choice. Yes, the concept of telephone Aston transparent when not in use.

In addition to meeting all of your mobile phone is the new cell is also a move to Aston, and can be connected to the display of the car via Bluetooth. Cells Aston Martin is working with the square of your current situation and show your friends directly on the screen for GPS car navigation.
The camera phone can be configured to update their Facebook and Twitter, while the bill for moving images of the cities that pass / benchmarks.

Aston Martin went on his cell phone, and integrated security systems in the car. The air bags received the information in case of accident, the accelerometer of the phone. This will allow safer use in conjunction with the strengthening of appropriate seat belt.
Aston Martin new phone is based on a solid sapphire crystal see through a capacitive touch screen, while the two sides are made of platinum. including its battery, electronics and the SIM card.

Aston Martin has not revealed the price for the new phone.