Top gadgets to look forward to in 2011

 1. BlackBerry Playbook
BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has seemed a little lost in recent years, not knowing whether to continue with the style that has always served or touch screens covering completely. The dilemma is always on their phones, but there is no doubt in the center of the Playbook tablet.
An entirely new operating system, a powerful processor double heart, all the usual BlackBerry business features and, above all, a real focus for a third dedicated to developers.
The Playbook is now looking for beautiful, intelligent and easy to use. With a working system of checks carefully designed and advanced specifications, we can look at a major competition for the iPad.

2. Nintendo 3DS
If 2010 was not all on stage, it was in 3D. We have seen enormous pressure on 3D TV, but some people are not on board the need to use glasses.
So while everyone is facing the same problem as Nintendo launched its first 3D console, Virtual Boy, 3DS is ready for a drink without the third dimension (not the usual real of course.
Like 3D games simple and practical was not enough, Nintendo 3DS, and make sure that does not suffer the same lack of third party titles for the Wii console has had (and has the N64 and Gamecube, now that I mention ). Some of the biggest names in the game is already on board, including Metal Gear Solid and see two great games of Resident Evil.

3. LG Star
Powerful chipset Nvidia Tegra 2 has finally found its way into a phone, and a deep well. LG processor star not only has the potential to be able to drink, but leave to mourn mobile processors silence in his poor performance. In the early benchmark report before a season best Android phone to date results.
Add to that the probable introduction of the shiny new operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a megapixel camera eight years, the video recording in 1080 a four-inch screen and an HDMI output and S Nexus from his throne as Android King, before he felt comfortable.

4. iPad 2
Well, the iPad has two here? It is not official yet, but the old "smoke of the fire =" adage certainly applies when it comes to many today have heard rumors of an updated iPad.
Some of these rumors are more likely than others, but we're sure you can expect to see a camera and support FaceTime, a gyroscope to match the iPhone's processor 4 (or possibly dual-core), and probably a sleek new design.
Given how good the current IPAD, we believe that a small amount of demand for the updated version.

5. Chrome OS notebook
For those who rant on the tables and cling desperately to their keyboards, it is the promise of a selection of laptops Google Chrome OS next year welcome.
In addition to offering an alternative to Windows and Mac OS X with a recognized brand, should boost the acceptance of operating systems and instant cloud ignition as a standard practice for computers.
CR-48 prototype that is there now a little bored, he goes, but we can not wait to see what the renowned manufacturers can do.

6. Motorola Android 3.0 Tablet
Android Andy Rubin showed a piece of Motorola, made a run at the start of construction on Android 3.0 Honeycomb D: Dive into the conference Mobile. And it looks great.
E-APP has shown some signs seemed sure to take the line as the Apple iPhone operating system that runs on the iPhone - and are happy. Tablets with ease and style of the IOS with the options and the power of Android?
Too good to be true, right? We will see in 2011.

7. PSP phone
Since the iPhone is capable of game graphics up to Infinity Blade, players must be drooling at the thought of adding existing buttons. Apparently, someone at Sony has finally the same idea.
PSP Phone appears certain to be released soon, and that the name of Zeus Z1. Although we were a bit nervous about the possibility of individual trackpad instead of the analog sticks, fans of Sony console and portable players like both willing to put their hands on it.

8. New HP / Palm
Palm Pre 2 was a bit disappointing. He showed good internal specifications in progress, but the design and screen two seem a bit behind the best smart phones today.
WebOS, however, is brilliant. His brilliant handling and easy to perform multiple tasks has the potential to beat everything else out of the park, you just need the right equipment to do so.
Jon Rubinstein confirmed that several new devices on the road, including a shelf. HP takes care of data storage hardware to suspect that something very special could be in sight.

9. ElectroHub wireless chargers
As we have seen the concept of wireless cargo before - that is, Powermat - but ElectroHub have a better way of doing things. Put simply replacing the battery ElectroHub of its units and work in the carpet.
"Aja" you think. "But my gadget has a non-replaceable battery." Well, then you need some kind of case work. A bit like Powermat. But again, there is a better idea to get your team with ease, and the price seems very reasonable.

10. iPhone5
Well, not all iPhone users set the iPhone to 5? Although the exact date of launch, the specifications and even the form factor is still the subject of speculation (we'll see once the specifications, 3G-style, or another complete overhaul?) And no no specific data, we still disappointed to see Apple iPhone. Antennagate one hand, it is.