Multi-Touch with the Touchspace's 47-inch coffee table

We see a large multi-touch and shows the medical use of tables, but now you can begin to see things that you need a break. With a 1:47-inch display, the company uses the Multi - Touch Touch Table angle patented technology delivers 1080p high-definition touch-screen multi-touch interactivity to a good year for corporate presentation, the students / teachers learning together and sharing application or a collection of photos, videos, or play.

Living room table is an elegant acrylic CNC machining high-density core is 3.4 GHz quad-core one, to give the necessary powers to the power of 4 GB of memory with the system. 180 GB of storage, Bluetooth, wireless networking, USB and Ethernet, as well as 3G options are also available. 47-inch large LCD screen to replace the benefits of the area from scratch, clean the top, make coffee, or do not care, they are more than capacitive or resistive touch screen overflow Cup ring.

Use the touch screen monitor and a vision that includes a cooling faster than the 8-bit touch-screen technology, which is the frustration building, which is said to maintain several thousand points per second, interaction with full control of the microprocessor records. In 51 × 35 × 19 inch (1300 x 900 x 500 mm) 132 lbs (60 kg), multi-touch touch-angle table is the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight by subject condition and self-control, to maintain operation of an eye, you need automated management updates, and to ensure that the system continues.

Table can be configured from the standard input device Microsoft WM-touch in Windows 7 multi-touch, but also the power of a framework can provide a complete three-dimensional environment of sushi, all the hidden features of Windows users. Touch the corner is its multi-touch table applications.Touchscape to develop the SDK is available in standard configuration, but the team can create customized versions to suit individual needs. Interested readers contact the contact angle of the price.