World's biggest HD video board

NASCAR fans in high-definition treatment on the track this year for Charlotte Motor Concord, North Carolina, where the construction of giant 200-feet wide 80 meters on the display. Considered the world of high definition video card, design weighs 332.5 tons (665,000 lbs) and contains more than 9 million LEDs as the switch to the race in May

Designed by Panasonic - the company no stranger to life on the big screen - above the line graphics start / goal between the wheels 2 and 3 with the upper edge extends to 110 meters above the ground.

Replays, and update of the classification of interactive entertainment will appear in HD (720p).

Construction crew truck 18,000 cubic meters of debris and 3,000 cubic meters of concrete and 500,000 pounds less than steel produced by the Council of 50 meters long concrete piles drilled into the foundation.The monitor was performed for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star race May 21 and Coca-Cola 600 May 29, 2011.