Ipod with a audio boost by mophie

When the iPod touch, 4 G, known for playing features, but the tactile feedback that does not support the growth of mobile gaming. CES 2011 mophie to change it was published. IPod touch case, which is used for touch-screen technology, so I have to live on is the touch of noise and vibration in the game.

Mobile gaming devices, artificial muscles, twist my firm behind the company, lived with "a box - all the thrills of" use. Who want to experience the real pulse of the current proposal is different vibrations. For example, mobile games Pinball machine and run a large explosion and a different twist to the feeling that "it is a heavy piece of paper."

Visual effects - sounds that do not play this game mophie adapting pulse. I live in API calls, see the game developers who want the best technology. Pulse stereo speakers, but the extra buttons, iPod, portable game console can do to convert.

Electro-active polymers (PEA) touch technology with the 50-300 Hz frequency response of 5 milliseconds is a live, delayed reactions can be made practical sense. This is the technology of artificial muscles is associated with response to call for less than the energy it needs.

Mophie iPod touch cases, the intestine, where "later this year," be it "the first commercial application, said:" I lived as a technology company. Without support from the iphone, criticism, or other device, or a version of the product already exists.